Company Profile:

Originally the company was a proprietary firm in the name of Jayantilal Raichand Khandhar since Oct 1961. Later on it converted into a corporate body named Bhavik Rajesh Khandhar Share & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd (BRK) and was founded on 3rd March 1999.

Since our inception, our specialization has been lying in the business of Shares & Securities business to various customers from small, medium, large and high Net worth individuals, corporate and financial institutions . The Company is a member of Bombay Stock Exchange Limited , National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) for Capital Market and Derivatives Market and Over the Counter Exchange of India (OTC). Presently the Company is engaged in the servicing of retail investors and is proposing to cater even to the institutional clients.

Company is rendering the service as CDSL DP since 2001.We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations and with highest standards of business ethics. This code is intended to provide guidance and help in recognizing and dealing with ethical issues, provide mechanisms to report unethical conduct, and to help foster a culture of honesty and accountability. It is our belief that success doesn’t just happen. It’s planned. It takes putting facts down to numbers before discerning & acknowledging achievements that are larger than life. Upon having the tools & knowledge to plan success, making it a reality is never a Herculean task. Capitalising on consistency, superior investment performance, professionalism and transparency, we are here to make a difference to the world of finance.

Our Company is promoted and headed by its dynamic and reputed director Mr Rajesh Jayantilal Khandhar. BRK Shares has remained a family business with the third generation running operations today and this is headed by our manager Mr Bhavik Rajesh Khandhar.

Our Company has evolved certain principles and values which are learnt through its wide experience. The following values are a must in a rapidly changing field to keep the Company ahead of others.

» Clients come first, organization comes second

» To strive for excellence at all cost by utilizing management tools of planning, control, monitoring and involvement of everyone.

» Always aim for the best
» To create in its people an awareness that quality is must at all levels & stages.

» United we stand divided we fall

» Without integrity money holds no value

» To work for long term progress of the Company instead of short term gains.

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